Tooth Extractions Inver Grove Heights

Dental Extractions or Tooth extractions

When a tooth becomes decayed and is beyond repair, the tooth may need to be extracted.  This is done for a number of reasons, but primarily because a decaying tooth can damage your nerves and cause incredible and intense pain.  It is also important to mention that decay can pave the way for a number of other illnesses.

When a tooth decays, its structure changes and it can change the structure of the surrounding teeth as well, forcing them to shift in the absence of a defined tooth.  Decaying teeth can impair your ability to eat and chew, even hear, swallow and talk.  It is recommended that if a tooth has decayed and we are unable to repair it, that it be extracted.

I Don’t Want My Tooth Removed, Is There An Alternative?

You can consider a number of other alternatives, including but not limited to dental bridges, cracked tooth repair, dental crowns, dental implants, dental restorations, root canals or dental veneers.  Speak to your dentist about alternatives to extractions.

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