SSP Dental Office Serves Young Athlete after Minor Injury

A mother of a little league football player went to the dentist after a rather intense tackle knocked one of his loose teeth out. The mother needed to take her son to a convenient dental office in SSP, and River Heights was able to serve them well and put the mom’s fears to rest. The mother was impressed that the staff at River Heights Dental Care was able to get her son in to see the dentist that same afternoon that she called, which was very important to the mother because she was afraid that if the dentist couldn’t look at her son’s tooth and mouth immediately there could be added damage.

The River Heights Dental Care staff took the young boy to the office and Dr. Christopherson and his staff made the young boy feel comfortable and took away any fears that he may have. Dr. Christopherson let the mother know that her son’s tooth would be just fine. He said that since the tooth that fell out was not a permanent tooth the new tooth would come in normally. He just wants to make sure the boy has regular dental appointments, so he could keep an eye on the teeth and the growing process. The mother and her son was happy with the treatment that they received from the River Heights Dental Care and she said this was the best and friendliest dental office SSP parents could trust and depend upon.

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