Root Canal Inver Grove Heights

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Root Canal Procedures

If the nerve of your tooth has been exposed for any reason, you might need a root canal.  An exposed nerve is susceptible to bacteria and infection and needs to be taken care of immediately.  A root canal has the ability to do this by removing the soft tissue that is infected or could become inflected and sealing off the area to prevent further damage.

Depending on the severity of the area, it could take up to three appointments to have the root canal done.  First, it is important that we remove any infected tissue from the interior of the tooth.  If the damage is minor, we may be able to seal the tooth canal at this point.  Otherwise, subsequent visits are scheduled.

Due to the location of the root canal, it will require restorative treatment at some point in the future.  This once again depends on the individual, the strength of their bones, and the tooth involved.  The only alternative treatment offered to those who require a canal is a full tooth extraction.