Popular Shutterbug Checks in With her Dentist in Inver Grove Heights

A photography assistant had been invited to a bunch of different holiday parties to take portraits of friends and family. Naturally, she was fed quite a bit of sweets at each party she attended. She couldn’t be rude and the deserts and sweets were too irresistible, so at each party she indulged. She was feeling a bit guilty, which is why she was sure to schedule an appointment with her dentist in Inver Grove Heights after the round of parties, and that dentist office was River Heights Dental Care of course!

The staff at River Heights Dental Care was able to get her in at a convenient time that would go along with her schedule. The photography assistant showed up on time and the staff took her back to see the dentist. Dr. Ben J Christopherson examined her overall oral health, then let her know that it is okay to indulge in sweets occasionally as long as she made sure to brush and floss daily. The patient was recommended to have her teeth cleaned, which the River Heights Dental care was able to provide a great cleaning to help her maintain her oral hygiene. The patient was ecstatic to find out that she didn’t do anything wrong by eating the sweets at the parties that she attended, because she has always tried to take care of her teeth with the help from her favorite dentist in Inver Grove Heights at River Heights Dental Care.

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