Periodontal (Gums)

Serious infections like gingivitis and periodontal disease are not to be toyed with.  Left without the treatment of a dentist, these maladies can cause tooth loss as well as a garden variety of other problems.  Periodontal disease is a form of bacterial infection that affects the areas around the tooth including the gums and bones.

If you leave gingivitis to its own devices, the plaque on your teeth ends up spreading below your gums, where the toxins in the plaque create an inflammatory response.  When this happens, the gum tissue begins to break down, forming spaces between gum and tooth, creating ample opportunity for decay.

You can recognize periodontal disease by taking a look at your teeth.  If you notice that your gums are inflamed or that you have a lot of plaque around your gum line, then you should get in to see your dentist.  With good oral care at home and proper, regular professional treatments, gingivitis is totally reversible.  Call the Inver Grove Heights Dental Center and lets fight periodontal disease together!