Periodontal (Children)

While periodontal diseases are generally associated with adults, studies have shown that gingivitis can be found early in childhood as well.  In case you’re not aware, gingivitis is the first symptom of periodontal disease, and can be very serious.

Gingivitis causes sensitivity in the gum line and is most commonly noted by the bleeding experienced during brushing or flossing your teeth.  Gums are often redder than normal as they are irritated.  Gingivitis can cause serious health problems including blood infections, so it is important that it be treated quickly.

Aggressive forms of gingivitis start right around puberty and are marked by inflammation of the gums as well as an abundance of both calculus and plaque around the gum line.  This accumulation can cause teeth to loosen, paving the way for food to become stuck in gaps and decay to start. Periodontal disease has been linked with Type 1 diabetes, Down syndrome, and Papillion-Lefevre syndrome.  If your child experiences any of these four signs while brushing, you need to get to a dentist:

Inflamed gums that seem tender to the touch and look very red Bleeding while brushing or flossing the teeth Receding gums that seem to be moving away from the tooth Bad breath that does not get better with regular good oral hygiene