Emergency Dental work in Inver Grove

Last Minute appointments with River Heights

Recently, a patient called in the morning complaining of a tooth ache that had been keeping him awake at night.  He explained that the pain was on and off, but enough discomfort that he needed to do something right away.  He called our office hoping to be seen as soon as possible.   Because of the situation we understood how awful tooth and mouth pain can be.  So we made some scheduling adjustments and had him come in right away so we could diagnose and provide him some relief.  Once the patient arrived we proceeded to diagnose the tooth ache and determine the root of the problem.  With a hopeless prognosis we extracted the patients tooth and relieved him from pain.  A follow up call later in the evening noted the patient in good condition and minimal discomfort.  He was very happy to have his issue solved quickly and professionally!  Another patient seen at River Heights Dental Care treated the same day to relieve the dental pain.

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