Electrician Seeks Best Cosmetic Dentist in IGH

An electrician had just gotten insurance once November 1st had rolled around, and wanted to sort out options before his coverage started. He didn’t want to go to the dentist’s office and be stuck with a big, costly dental bill, so he called River Heights Dental Care for a great IGH cosmetic dentist and was not disappointed with the good news that he received.

The helpful staff at River Heights Dental Care scheduled the electrician for his first visit, which he wanted the first week of January. The patient came in and we went over his insurance with him and his coverage. The patient was really excited with the news that he received because he had been wanting to have some cosmetic work done to his teeth for quite some time. The patient will be getting his work done and with his insurance he won’t be spending a fortune because River Heights Dental Care accepts his insurance and now he has a cosmetic dentist IGH can really depend upon. The patient has been getting his cosmetic dentistry done for a few weeks now and is happy with the new smile that he has so far. He said the entire staff at River Heights Dental Care has made each visit comfortable and pain free. The patient doesn’t have to worry about receiving quality work done to his teeth thanks to River Heights Dental Care the cosmetic dentist IGH workers can contact for all their dental needs.

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