Dentist in IGH Provides Post Halloween Dental Care

A family had gone out trick or treating. The kids made quite a haul, but the parents wanted to make sure that some of the foods that their kids received weren’t going to be too damaging to their teeth. The parents had always strived to keep their children and their children’s teeth healthy. There was a time when one of their children had to have extensive dental work, and the last thing they wanted was their children’s teeth to get damaged due to excessive sugar and sweets. They went to their regular dentist in IGH, which was the River Heights Dental Care.

Dr. Ben J Christopherson looked over the children’s teeth and said that their teeth were healthy and still in great shape. The staff at River Heights Dental Care assured them that if they consumed the foods in moderation, then they should be able to eat sweets and still maintain their oral hygiene. Dr. Christopherson told the children to make sure to always brush their teeth and floss several times a day and they could enjoy the treats that they received on Halloween. The parents were happy, but the children were ecstatic, because now they could eat their treats and not have to worry about any damages to their teeth. The family is very happy that they go to the River Heights Dental Care to see their favorite dentist in IGH because the staff of Dr. Christopherson takes the time to assist their parents and always gives great advice.

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