Dental Implants Inver Grove Heights

Dental Implants -Information and tips

If your tooth is missing a root, a dental implant has the ability to replace it.  It gives your tooth a stable foundation on which to rest and is an anchor for the crown or bridge that will replace the tooth.

What Are The Advantages Of An Implant?

Implants feel much more natural than other options and they do not require that the teeth on either side be treated.  Implants can give stability to your jaw and help you chew and bite.

Will The Treatment Be Done On Site?

No, we have a number of industry leaders who specialize in implants and their installation.  We plan your treatment, create and attach the crown to the implant, but our specialists do the rest.

What Is Involved In Placing My Implant?

It can vary depending on your treatment plan.  At your first visit, we provide you with a consultation where we determine the viability of an implant and assess your needs.  If you are a good candidate for an implant, we will make a second appointment in order to create a mold to fabricate the implant and crown that will cover it.  At your last appointment, the implant is placed and upon completion, the restoration (crown or bridge) is placed.

How Long Will I Go Without My Teeth?

We are sensitive to your needs and understand that missing teeth can cause mixed emotions.  In the front part of your teeth, we might put a temporary fixture in order to reduce any worry about physical appearance.  The temporary appliance can be worn for a week or two.  Depending on your particular case, permanent devices can be done in as little as six weeks once the implant is placed.

How Long Will My Implant Last?

Well, it depends on the condition of your bones, but we have seen patients who had implants installed in the late 60’s and they are still intact!  The long-term success rate for a dental implant is about 95%, giving us an added layer of comfort in providing this advantageous service to our clients.