Dental Crowns Inver Grove Heights

Dental Crowns- Dr. Ben Christopherson

Created with the purpose of covering your existing tooth, a dental crown improves not only the look of the tooth that it is supporting, but reinforces the strength of it as well.  While some may think that using a filling is adequate, it is not recommended simply because it offers no support to the actual structure of the tooth itself.

There are many reasons why you may need a crown including an abundance of decay in your tooth, a cracked tooth, large fillings that have broken down, replacing an existing crown and improving the overall appearance of your smile.

I Have A Dental Crown Appointment At The River Heights Dental Practice, What’s Next?

Well, if you have already had your consultation, your first appointment will be used to prepare the tooth for the crown.  A mold is taken of both the affected tooth as well as the supporting teeth.  While the mold is being constructed, a temporary crown is put in its place.  Your second appointment will see the temporary crown removed and the permanent crown placed.

As with all appointments, the duration of your visits will be contingent upon a number of factors including your overall physical health, diet and condition of your existing teeth.

Same Day Dental Crowns Inver Grove Heights

In some less complex cases, we may be able to construct and install your permanent crown in the same day.  Our state of the art on site equipment allows us to take the impression and create your crown right in the comfort of our offices.  Ask us for more details.

What Are Crowns Made Out Of?

Like bridges, crowns are made of all gold or a gold porcelain mixture that is the same color as your tooth.  Crowns look just like your existing teeth are not obviously false teeth.

If you’re looking for a great way to improve your smile or relieve tooth pain, a crown is a great investment in you and the future of your oral hygiene.  If you have questions about our pricing or process, please get in touch!