Dental Bridges Inver Grove Heights MN

Dental Bridge Information

If you’re missing a tooth, then you can get a dental bridge to literally bridge the gap between your teeth.  The bridge consists of a false tooth, which is supported by crowns on either side.  The bridge and crowns are then cemented in place to ensure longevity and restriction of movement.

There are three main reasons why a dentist or patient might elect to replace teeth that are missing.

The reasons are as follows:

  1. When a tooth is missing, it is possible that the other teeth will shift into the vacant spot.  This can cause a number of much more complex problems.  Filling the vacant spot with a bridge can prevent migration of the existing teeth.
  2. Some people find that a missing tooth can impair their ability to eat, chew or even speak properly.  For this reason, they might decide to get a bridge to restore the function of their jaw to what it was previously.
  3. Obviously, appearances play a big factor in a decision to replace a tooth with a bridge.  Bridges provide a very natural looking solution as opposed to a void that is left by a missing tooth and blend right in with your existing teeth and dental work.

What To Expect At Your Visit To Our Inver Grove Heights Dental Office

The duration of your initial appointment will consist of shaping and preparing the teeth for the installation of the bridge.  An impression will be taken of your teeth and the vacant tooth and the mold is sent away to create the new bridge.  In the meantime, a temporary bridge is installed until the permanent bridge is complete.

Your second appointment will consist of the removal of the temporary bridge and installation and cementing of the permanent bridge.

The time that your appointment will take can vary depending on the person and the condition of the teeth.  For instance, a patient who has an otherwise healthy mouth will take less time than a person who has medications that affect their dental health or who have poor dental hygiene.

How Is A Dental Bridge Made?

Bridges can be made either of gold or porcelain that is based with gold but is the same color as the tooth.  The latter of these two options provides the most natural-looking false tooth.  Depending on your unique dental needs and personal preference, your dentist may elect to use one or the other.

I Don’t Want A Bridge, Is There An Alternative?

Yes, speak to your dentist about whether or not you would be a good candidate for an implant, which can serve as an alternative to a bridge.  An implant is a metal implement that is placed into your jaw, with a crown installed over it.  The implant cannot be used in all cases but does allow candidates to replace the missing tooth without having it be supported on either side as with a bridge.  If you’re looking for additional information about bridges, click here.

The purpose of a fixed bridge is to return your teeth and mouth to their previous condition.  Even if you’ve been walking around with missing teeth for months or even years, it is imperative that you see a dentist and have the situation rectified.  Problems with your jaw can cause complications with how you eat and speak and should be taken care of right away.