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Three Generations Choose River Heights as their SSP Family Dentist

A grandmother had gotten her veneers done at River Heights Dental Care after her daughter recommended that she uses our services. Her daughter told her that not only does she and her husband go to River Heights Dental Care, but the kids do, too. River Heights Dental Care is happy to be the SSP family dentist that all three generations of this family can count on!

The grandmother said that when she called to make the first appointment she was very impressed at how quickly that she was able to get in to to see the dentist, and also how helpful the staff was with helping her fill out her new patient forms. She continued to say that when she arrived she didn’t have a long wait because she was taken back within just a few minutes. Dr. Christopherson came right in to see her and look over her teeth. Dr. Christopherson let her know that she was an excellent candidate for veneers, and it didn’t take many appointments to have the procedure completed. The grandma said she was so thankful that her daughter told her about River Heights Dental Care, because this is the family dentist SSP grandparents and parents can feel at ease with. It is so nice that everyone in the family can receive great care without having to go to different dentists. All three generations are pleased that River Heights Dental Care near South St. Paul is their personal family dentist that each member is eager to see.

SSP Dental Office Serves Young Athlete after Minor Injury

A mother of a little league football player went to the dentist after a rather intense tackle knocked one of his loose teeth out. The mother needed to take her son to a convenient dental office in SSP, and River Heights was able to serve them well and put the mom’s fears to rest. The mother was impressed that the staff at River Heights Dental Care was able to get her son in to see the dentist that same afternoon that she called, which was very important to the mother because she was afraid that if the dentist couldn’t look at her son’s tooth and mouth immediately there could be added damage.

The River Heights Dental Care staff took the young boy to the office and Dr. Christopherson and his staff made the young boy feel comfortable and took away any fears that he may have. Dr. Christopherson let the mother know that her son’s tooth would be just fine. He said that since the tooth that fell out was not a permanent tooth the new tooth would come in normally. He just wants to make sure the boy has regular dental appointments, so he could keep an eye on the teeth and the growing process. The mother and her son was happy with the treatment that they received from the River Heights Dental Care and she said this was the best and friendliest dental office SSP parents could trust and depend upon.

SSP General Dentist Provides Urgent Reassurances

River Heights Dental Care received a call from frantic parents. The parents had an eight year old daughter and they got into quite a scare when they gave their daughter a caramel apple. She took her first bite into the caramel apple and she pulled out three teeth with that first bite. Their daughter never mentioned to her parents that she had any loose teeth so the parents wanted her to have a dental checkup with a great general dentist in SSP. The staff assured the parents that Dr. Christopherson would check their daughter’s teeth out thoroughly, and we got the family into the office that same afternoon.

The parents showed up with their daughter, and we took them right back to see Dr. Christopherson. Dr. Christopherson looked over the girls teeth, and let the parents know that what had happened was fairly common and they had nothing to worry about. The parents were very glad to have some of their worries put at ease because Dr. Christopherson reassured them that this often happens to children of this age, and it was very common. They scheduled another appointment with River Heights Dental Care, because they wanted to make sure that their daughter’s teeth would come in normally. They didn’t want to take any chances with their child’s teeth. They are just glad that they found a general dentist in SSP that could see them in their emergency, then put all their worries away.

Healthy Patient Gets Cleaned at the Best Dental Clinic in SSP

A health foods enthusiast was pursuing an interest in probiotic foods. He had started this a few years ago. His diet consisted of a lot of fermented products including kimchi, vinegars, and kombucha. He really enjoyed the health benefits, but he started to notice that his teeth were starting to be affected due to the active bacteria in so much of the food that he consumed daily. He called River Heights Dental Care for regular visits to a great SSP dental clinic, and was not disappointed by the wonderfully skilled and knowledgeable staff.

The patient arrived at the River Heights Dental Care, and our friendly staff escorted him to a room where we x-rayed his teeth. Dr. Ben Christopherson looked over the x-rays, then checked out his teeth. Dr. Christopherson let the patient know that he could maintain his diet as long as he came in regularly to have his teeth cleaned and checked. The patient was thrilled to hear this, because his probiotic foods gave him energy and made him feel great. We cleaned his teeth and scheduled him for his next appointment, which would be a few months away. The patient was thrilled with the news that we gave him, and he hasn’t missed an appointment. His teeth are staying healthy thanks to the professional staff at the dental clinic in SSP. Dr. Christopherson is always patient, understanding, and takes the time to listen to the patient, which was important.

South St. Paul Dental Clinic Helps High Schooler

The River Heights Dental Care received an urgent call from a mom in South St. Paul. Her son was a student in a high school band, and he chipped a tooth while chewing on ice. Her son was now unable to play his saxophone even though he had been practicing daily, and they needed to get her son in the office quickly. They were looking for the most effective dental clinic South St. Paul had to offer, and they found the River Heights Dental Care through a friend’s mom, who gave them the recommendation. The office was able to see the student that afternoon.

The mother and son arrived, and we looked at his chipped tooth. Dr. Christopherson recommended a dental crown for the chipped tooth. The dental crown would provide stability, durability, and a wonderful appearance, and he would be able to get back to playing his saxophone quickly. Dr. Christopherson performed the dental crown, and it was exactly what he needed. Now, the student is able to practice without squeaking and squawking his instrument, thanks to the dental crown provided by River Heights Dental Care. The mother is pleased, because she was tired of her son moping around the house, and he can now get back to being active in the band. She knows now that River Heights Dental Care is the dental clinic South St. Paul parents can trust and rely upon for quick and effective dental treatments that are comfortable even for kids and teens.

Great SSP Cosmetic Dentist Boosts Confidence for TV Appearance

A South St. Paul neighbor received a call from a producer working with a game show. The South St. Paul man was invited to be on the game show, which excited him. He had first tried to be on the show a year ago, but never heard anything back. So, he figured he wasn’t going to be selected. When he received the great news that he might be a contestant on the game show he knew that he needed to have some work done to his teeth. He had to find the best cosmetic dentist SSP had to offer to work on his smile, because he didn’t want to embarrass himself due to his smile. He contacted River Heights Dental Care in South St. Paul, because they offer the best cosmetic dentist SSP had to offer.

The staff at River Heights Dental Care understood the concerns of the man, and Dr. Ben J Christopherson was able to offer cosmetic dentistry for the patient. The patient didn’t end up on the game show, but his increased confidence definitely improved his life, because of the cosmetic dentistry that he received at the River Heights Dental Care. He is smiling more, and is more outgoing too. He never had the confidence that he possesses now, and he didn’t think that just having a small amount of cosmetic work done on his teeth would improve his life so drastically. The patient isn’t disappointed about the game show, because many other opportunities has come his way now.

The Friendliest and Best Dental Office in South St. Paul

One of our patients in Inver Grove Heights told her coworkers about the excellent staff at River Heights Dental. The patient works in South St. Paul, and her coworkers said that it wouldn’t be worth the drive to Inver Grove Heights to River Heights Dental, but our patient emphasized the comfortable setting, outstanding care, friendly and qualified staff, and an overall dental office SSP could not compete with. Our loyal patient must have been convincing, because several of her coworkers contacted River Heights Dental for dental work. The coworkers all came to the office, and received their dental work. The coworkers couldn’t believe on how fast they were in and out of the office. The coworkers also was thrilled on how great the dental service was compared to dentists in South St. Paul.

The coworkers went back and told our patient about the great experience they had at the River Heights Dental. The coworkers realized that it is faster for them to come to River Heights Dental plus they get better dental services than going to a local dentist in the Twin Cities. Now, the coworkers are calling River Heights Dental in Inver Grove Heights their personal dentist. They all say that the staff and Dr. Ben J. Christopherson provides a comfortable atmosphere and excellent dental services. The River Heights Dental is a complete dental office that can meet all dental needs, even emergency dental services.