British Transplant Needs Best Dentist in Inver Grove

River Heights Dental Care received a call from a man in Inver Grove. The man was a recent immigrant from the UK and he had just recently settled in Inver Grove. The man quickly noticed how much different his teeth were compared to his American colleagues. He knew that he wanted to have his teeth looked at, so he started looking for the best dentist Inver Grove had to offer, because he was interesting in Invisalign. The staff at River Heights Dental Care was so friendly, patient, and knowledgeable that he was glad that he called. We got the patient into the office on the day that he requested.

The patient arrived at the River Heights Dental Care office in Inver Grove and was a bit nervous, but out staff made him feel comfortable and relaxed. Dr. Ben J Christopherson looked over the patient’s teeth and let him know that he was definitely a great candidate for Invisalign. Dr. Ben J Christopherson went through the process with the patient and he was thrilled. The patient explained that he was really wanting to have Invisalign for quite some time and now that he has moved here from the UK and had excellent benefits he could finally have nice teeth like his coworkers. The UK immigrant will be starting his dental services next week and is very happy that he found the best and most understanding dentist in Inver Grove at River Heights Dental Care.

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